Written by:Shane Darnell Hills

THE FIRST SHOW AT THE STARDUST(the local roller rink)

Ok this was one of the most fantastic days I think I have ever experienced in my life. Through my life I have played in front of crowds of 5, crowds of 30 and crowds of 30 000. If you were to ask me when my blood pumped the most at any show, I would have to tell you that it was my first real gig at a Battle of the bands at the local roller rink that was called "Stardust". I would tell you the name of the band but it may be a contest question in the future so for now im gonna hold back on telling you what it was. LOL

Ok, if you don't hate me by now then read on.

I was about twelve years old, Shad was about thirteen, and our singer at the time was around 16 years old. I guess we were pretty good at our ages to have a singer that was sixteen who wanted to be in a band with a bunch of little wee kids. At the time none of us were aware that to complete a band, you need a bass player. There was just the three of us. Guitar, Drums and Vocals. We practised our asses off for this show. I had a drum solo all rehearsed and everything. We were the baddest muthas in our neighbour hood. We were rehearsed. And we were ready to show the world that NN was ready to take over the land.

It was the day of the show. My dad decides (during rehearsal) to walk in the house armed with a gold can of spray paint and paint the front Head of my bass drum with the initials of our band "NN". Not only that, he decided to make us some shirts. Every bad ass band has to have some band wear ya know,he he. So my dad bought some plain white shirts and in the garage he painted "NN" On all the shirts. At the time it was totally cool, Totally upper edge, Totally alternative. It was a new beginning for us. The night of the show finally arrived. All our friends were there. I swear that everybody I ever knew in my life was there. Finally I was a drummer in an actively playing band. I felt like the coolest guy on the planet. It is very hard to describe how I felt that day other than I thought I was a rock sar. A local hero if you will. People were gonna like me know,LOL. The time came for us to go on, We got on stage and played our hearts out. We played all our coolest songs in that short 30 min set. "Devils hauntin me", and "Trapped in hell" are just a couple of the hits we did that night. I did my little drum solo and we all shredded like music was going out of style. Then it was over. Now we had to watch the other bands who were our competition play. The other three bands consisted of guys in their early twenties. There bands were full and had all the components to make a complete band. The crowds went crazy for them as they did for us. But in the end it came time to vote for your favorite band of the night. Everyone who was there had a ticket to vote for their favorite band and I was praying for the first place win. I was hoping, and I was praying. The time came to announce the winner and although we didn't come in first place(boo hoo), we managed to come in second which was just as good to me. All my friends were congradulating me and I felt like a star. I guess you could say that was my first taste of stardom. As little as it really was, It was the whole world to me...

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