When I was just a little wee tyke, there was this house on the end of the street that always scared the living crap out of me. Esoecially during night time when I would be riding my bike home from a friends house or something, T5his house was just pure terror to me…..The same people lived in it for years and I never ever met them,I rarely saw them, and there was this rumor that their son commited suicide in the house. I teel ya it was pretty freaky. Even their car was this old beat upo scary kinda car that matched perfectly with their spooky house……. This Place looked like a barn. I don't know why it was built like that? It was the only house anywhere around that looked like that….. I always wondered what it was like inside? Was it full of cob webs? What is it like? Well, I never did get to see what was in there, I would imagine that that barn house that was on my block is in some way responsible for the way my creative juices flow. I mean, Like when I am riding by that place coming home for a rehearsal and I see that place and then ten minutes I am on the drums playin my ass off, I would imagine that it effected my mood…….I know it. Im so sure that that is true…. One day I am going to go back to Canada and march right up to that door and knock as loud as I can and see for myself what excactley is behind their doors…..Im simply gonna say" Hi, Im shane. Your house scared the living shit out of me when I was a kid and I was wondering if I could have a peek inside and see if you are really as frightening as my mind has pictured you over the years". I guess that's something to look forward to in the future. I hope they still live there.

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