Another Story from Shane's Past

Shane Hills story of the past
Written by: Shane Hills

It was around the time I was in grade 5 or 6 and I was having a sleep over at my house in the backyard…..We all had this big plan that we were gonna sneak out and go roam around the nieghbourhood. I imagine that we werent really gonna do much except cause a litle late night trouble….Mayby go break a couple school windows justy to hear the sound of breaking glass……crack,crash,glass falling all over the cement. Ok , anyway, We decided that we would make our move from the backyard where we were supposed to be sleeping and attack the streets at around midnite or so….When the time came, We were heading out our driveway and as we took our first steps on the street, My dad yells out " where ya boys goin"? There he was. Laying on a blanket , in the front yard,in the dark, just waiting for us to sneak out… Was it really that obvious that that's what we were about to do? Looking back on it I can totally understand that it was so obvious. Why else would like 6 kids wanna sleep outside in the cold where slugs and snails can crawl across your nose when you are sleeping? So in a nut shell, we were all busted……My dad took us all into the house and called all our parents and we were just all freaking out . I remember the next part clear as day….My dad lights up a cigarette and looks at all of us and says : You boys must be under a lot of pressure right now, Her ya go, When your under pressure you need a smoke". Then he handed us all cigarettes, including me. So here we are all hackin a butt with my old man when the first parent shows up…..They rang the door bell(ding dong). We all put our cigarettes out as fast as possible. Now there is like 7 or so cigarettes sitting in the ash tray and the room is all full of smoke and even though the parent never said a word, im sure she knew….Once my first friend left with his mom, we all sparked up our cigarettes again…..And one after the other we did the same routine as each parent showed up………..But don't worry. Everyone that was involved in this story have grown up to be very healthy successful human beings…..

Shane hills

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