A Story from Shane

January 17, 1999

By: Shane Hills

So, Heres a little story of hanging out at Dixon Park and getting kicked around by the big kids……..

Shad and myself attended Dixon elementary school when we were kids. He was there till the the seventh grade and I only made it to the ½ way mark of grade 7 before I was expelled. Reasons I will touch on at a later time.

I guess shad was around 12 and I was about 11 and we were the kinda kids who would always seem to find trouble where ever we went…We were like trouble magnets. We didn't do really really bad s#$t but did the kind of stuff that would just get you grounded or end you up in a fight or something……One day Shad and I were on our way home from school and we were casually walking down the bike path minding our own business(I think),When all of a sudden this bully who was very natorious for hurting little children Kicked a soccer ball at Shad and slammed him in the back with a devestating blow from the ball that would leave a welt and phycological damage for a lengthy time TO come(LOL). This bully was about 17 or 18 years old and was just like that all the time…….Shad cried as we walked home and when we arrived at home my dad asked what had happened? When we told him, he jumped in his car headed down the block to Dixon and Shad and I got there as fast as we could on our bicycles to see what was going to happen. My dad jumps out of the car and this bully comes up to him and wants to start a fight with him, So they begin to rumble and throw some punches and a moment went by where the bully got free and he jumped in his buddys car and grabbed a baseball bat and attacked my father. My dad restled the bat from him, and to protect him self, he clobbered the bully over the head, and the dude 10 minutes later fell over on the grass and passed out. Eventually he went to the hospital and he suffered a concusion from the blow. Legal action was taken and to make a long story short,these were the judges last words……: Mr Hills, I have kids of my own and if I this happened to them I would do the same thing to protect my kids.


The end

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