Tuesday, May 9, 2000 : The guys are heading to Canada to record 4 new songs. "They will be finished by the 2nd week of June, and the songs will be available on the Official website," according to an update from Baby Pea Records.The songs are:

Radiation Blast
I'm Over

These tracks will be appearing in a feature film called "Angels Don't Sleep Here", by Silver Line Pictures

Thursday, Jan 27, 2000 : The guys are working their arses off at this moment, preparing for their upcoming mini-tour, which is expected to have a nice run throughout the US, hopefully starting in April.

Everyone, please welcome the SHB's new member, guitarist Luis Galdames, who is replacing recently departed member Steve Glazer. Our pal Steve has made the decision to concentrate on a solo project, so wish him luck! Check out his website :

Newbie Luis will be performing with the guys at their next show in Los Angeles in Feb.

Friday, Nov 12, 1999 : What's happened since I last updated? Well, first off, the SHB official website is currently under construction, and we are apparently in for a pretty dern big surprise from the guys, I say.

Also, a newbie has climbed aboard the luxury liner known as the SHB. I have yet to meet this character, but his name is most definitely not Trevor Zimmerman, and he most certainly does not play bass. He denies all the recent allegations that these are true.

Also, the guys have been playing clubs in the LA area, but under an alias which I can't remember right now. For more info on the "tour" (well, we could call it a tour, but I'm too lazy.), please do go look at the official site. K?

Finally, Vegas Mechanics still kicks arse, of course. I plan to do a review, if I have the time. Maybe after school is done for the Fall.

Tues, Sept 14, 1999: I have recieved my copy of Vegas Mechanics in the mail (Thanks Shadsky!) and I will soon listen to it fully and give a nice review. Lemme tell ya...this is some good stuff we're dealing with here! :-D Anyway, the EP is now available at the band's official website,, and apparently some little indie stores will be carrying it/are carrying it. More info as soon as I : a)Remember the details b) am given more details.

Wed, July 14, 1999 : The upoming EP, Vegas Mechanics, will contain 4 tracks, and should finally be out by August. Beg your local record stores to be on the lookout for SHB stuff!

Fri, July 9, 1999 : The SHB's EP will be called Vegas Mechanics, and it should be all ready for the public to consume by sometime at the end of the month.

Sun, June 27, 1999 : The SHB will release an EP sometime around mid-July, so be on the lookout for that!

Jan 16, 1999:
Well, all there is for now to report is that the guys are currently working on their album, which is expected to be out by the Summer. They will also be toruing in support of the album, so stay tuned for info on that.

..Tis all for now!

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