Vegas Mechanics Fact Sheet

Vegas Mechanics (EP) - Facts

Band- The Shad Hills Band

Record Label - Baby Pea Records, Los Angeles, California.

Studio - The Doghouse, Burbank, California.

Producers - Alan Mirikitani with Shad Hills

All songs by Shad Hills - Plastecine / Eleanor / It's a Dream / Ordinary Day.

The Shad Hills Band are: Shad Hills- vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, harmonica. Steve Glazer- electric guitars, backing vocals Shane Hills- drums, percussion, and bass boom. Bass- TBA (soon) Keyboards- TBA (soon)

Performance time- "When you have a small budget and not a lot of time" Shad says, "you have to make production desicions very quickly". With that said, Shane spent approx. 6 hours tracking drums, Steve spent approx. 2 days tracking all of his guitar and doing the main background vocals. Shad spent approx. 3 days tracking his guitars, harmonica and lead vocal. All other time was taken up by other players, and enginering.

The Producer speaks(Alan Mirikitani): I have to say, in all the years that I have been Producing bands, I have never seen a band more dedicated to their music, and to their fans. And quite frankly, I have never been involved with a band that had fans as dedicated as SHB fans! Within' the few days that we had to complete "Vegas Mechanics", we definitely captured something very special that I know the SHB fans will fall in love with! It's been well worth the wait. Shad is a very talented songwriter, and will soon be a force to be reckoned with, and he could not have a better band with Shane and Steve by his side to help realize their goal of being on top for their fans.

Additionalt Players: Arlan Schierbaum- wertlitzer piano, b3 hammond organ, analog keyboards. Steve McCormack- bass on "It's a Dream" Allan Mirikitani- electric slide guitar, bass on all "others". Mike Turner- additional programming Tina Marie Allen- backing vocals on "Plastecine" Mastered by- Brad Vance at DNA mastering, Los Angeles, California. Art Direction/Design- Devin Bearb for Tongue Tyed Design Photography- Jason Schmidt (Official SHB photographer) Recording Duration: 7 days total, including mix, spanned over two weeks. Reason for the two weeks: Because when you aren't paying Major Label bucks, studio's have to fit you in when they can, to be able to cut you a good deal, and in SHB's case, a better than good deal.

Cost: Total project cost, including recording, mastering, fee's, manufacturing, players etc. - $10,000. Cheap by industry standards.

How SHB paid for it: Aside from out of pocket money, Shad traded some of his most prized music equipment for studio time, including one of his favorite vintage guitar amps, and a Soundelux tube studio microphone. Shad also went back to donating blood platelets, which cancer patients need to survive, for the Hema Care corporation in Los Angeles, for which they pay him a donor fee! Note- Shane and Steve tell us they swear they saw a small tear come from Shad when he handed over his equipment to the studio! But as Shad tells us, "I wouldn't change a thing","You've got to give something to get something", and "if we don't make it to the next level, by releasing some music, then I won't have much need for my equipment".

Scheduled release date: National and International release - (to be detemined) Available online - Approx. 25th of August

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