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Here's an article, mainly about Vegas Mechanics that Shad sent to all of us lovely people out here in SHBLand. Read it and weep! Or laugh. Whichever you choose. Your decision. See if I care. Fine. Be that way.

Poetic vocals, driven guitars and not so well meaning lyrics about people who play God with other peoples lives without a second thought - these are some of the elements that drive the debut four (4) song EP by Los Angeles based:
The Shad Hills Band
(Baby Pea)

SHAD HILLS is a storyteller whose lyrics focus mainly on his most memorable setbacks both in his career and personal life, and he delivers his lines with a strangely calm intimacy. VEGAS MECHANICS builds momentum from the ominously lethargic vocal delivery of songwriter SHAD HILLS who doesn't so much sing these songs as talk them at you. HILLS injects plenty of passion as his band surrounds him with guitar driven tuneful Alt-pop. He's complimented by the background vocals of lead guitarist STEVE GLAZER, whose electric guitar arrangements are combined with the rhythm section of Hills' brother, drummer SHANE DARNELL HILLS and bassist TREVOR ZIMMERMAN.

You can hear their dynamic interplay in songs like "It's a Dream", the first track to be warmly greeted by radio both at college and commercial specialty stations , and satellite cable formats such as Music Choice and Digital Music Express. "Eleanor", "Ordinary Day" and the explosive "Plastecine", which is also gaining exposure at radio that even the major labels would have reason to celebrate. HILLS describes "Plastecine" - whose chorus is highlighted by the lines - I see/ I see you in a magazine/ I'd rather play with Plastecine/Than look at you - with it's obviously hurtful sentiment, as a song that was directed towards a group of individuals that purposely stood in his way of success after he had worked so hard to achieve it. And although it seems as if he is awkwardly mellow while singing this song, the message comes through loud and clear. He explains that he has since faced these issues head on with a high priced therapist. HILLS adds, "It's funny, I'll be changing channels on the TV and I my therapist pops up on shows like Montel, Sally Jessy and Jenny Jones, at least I think it's funny". About his songwriting approach, HILLS shares, "I don't have a perfect formula, I grab my acoustic guitar and start playing, if an idea is not so good the first time it leaves me, it dies on the spot, if it's good, another one of my creative babies is born."

HILLS compellingly wrestles with his ghosts and demons on VEGAS MECHANICS, and while it's not clear if he's won his battles, you'll find yourself routing for him throughout each listen.

Canadian born singer-songwriter SHAD HILLS who relocated from Vancouver, British Columbia to Los Angeles in May of 1992, has had more than his share of set-backs, but he isn't looking for sympathy. In fact - the opposite is true, thing's not going so smoothly for this young ex-patriate has supplied him with the experiences needed to write dozens of believable life living songs.

In 1995 HILLS caught the attention of Warner Bros. Records who introduced him to the luxury of label support, and allowed him and his brother Shane to be placed on the heels of such tours as Matchbox 20, Wallflowers, Creed, Foofighters and Cheap Trick - even though it was short-lived, and only produced one album. HILLS undaunted, spent the next 3 years locked away in his 1 bedroom apartment and wrote dozens of songs - "I barely remember those years, it was as though I was living in my own dream."

"I grew up listening to records by Tom Petty - he is one of my favorite songwriters. I also grew up with Blondie, Rocky Burnette, Roy Orbison, Springsteen and ELO, all courtesy of my Mom and Dad and their huge record collection. I am a fan of good old fashioned songs. My main goal is to have a long career at making albums and touring."

Since the completion of VEGAS MECHANICS, The Shad Hills Band has been engrossed in a torrid love affair with their fans - the likes of which even the most successful national acts never get to experience.

HILLS and his band are now poised to deliver their own brand of vibrant and visceral Rock & Roll that will lead us into the new millennium.

"Fans come up to us after each show and tell us how much they enjoyed themselves, it's like winning the lottery night after night."

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